Paparazzi Accessories $5 Jewelry Adventure

My life has been crazy busy lately! I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on and made a post which I’m truly sorry about.

Life as a single mom has made it hard to juggle my time. I’m beginning to find ways to manage and get myself into a set routine instead of just flailing around aimlessly.

So….what have I been up to over the last several months?? I’m glad you asked.

Paparazzi Accessories, that’s what. It has been the most amazing, life changing decision I’ve ever made. I went from this shy, self conscious woman who walked with her head down to someone who braves the world openly and with confidence. I’ve met some amazing people along the way, I’ve traveled (which I will be posting about soon), I’ve had some incredible people join my team and become like family. I’m so proud of them , my upline and myself.

I found this opportunity at a time when I needed it most and jumped on the train without hesitation. Now when someone asks what I do, here’s my response…

I Am The Jewelry Lady! I help others achieve their goals and embrace the strength, independence and empowerment that comes from this company. I self confidence and self esteem in the form of gorgeous $5 jewelry that is affordable for anyone. I started with Paparazzi Accessories a little over a year ago and haven’t look back. I get to pursue my passion and goals while making my kids a priority. Anything is possible with this company!

If this is something you would love to know more about then feel free to email or visit

Nikki’s Paparazzi Boutique


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Starting Back at One

Oh my goodness guys! It has been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything here. My life has taken a dramatic turn and I’ve spent the last year trying to sort it all out.
But, good news, I’m back and better than ever!!
Ready to take on the world and get back to some normalcy. I’ve taken a long enough break with lots of seriousness. It’s time to get back to what I love and enjoy!

So…stay tuned over the next few weeks for some great posts!


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