Turning 3!

Well, another year is gone and my daughter is one year older. These kids are growing so fast that I just can’t believe it. One minute they are tiny and the next they are running all over the place. Sunday was her 3rd birthday. It was a beautiful afternoon so we had a cook out with family. It was simple, but she had so much fun running around on the farm.

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Cherish Your Children

May 2010

Yes those muddy, snotty creatures running around on two legs are actually little human beings. I know sometimes it doesn’t seem possible but it’s true. I will admit that as a mother I can easily become frustrated with the all of the shenanigans around my house. They have been known to walk around the house tearing down everything possible just to look at it. We can spend all morning cleaning a room and I leave them to play for 10 minutes and when I come back it is unrecognizable. My 2 year old will pitch a fit in the middle of a store and throw herself in the floor, leaving me to be eyed and judged by onlookers asking in their head “Why can’t she get her kid under control?”
Believe me I have tried but they have minds of their own and we can’t always control when an outburst occurs. I type this literally with a mud and grass trail from the front door to my son’s room.
With all of that said, they are my babies. I can have a trying time with them all day yet just hearing their laughter before bed makes it worth it for me. They have a way of melting your heart with a smile. See this week has been difficult for me. We had a scary experience in my home that involved my children and once you experience moments like these it makes you treasure every moment with your children.
My 8 year old son had a friend over and they wanted some food. Typical boys always starving (you would think they hadn’t been fed in days.) I was in the kitchen stirring noodles for lunch while my son, his friend and my daughter were playing in the living room. My son found a cable tie meant for construction work. It is basically a very thick zip tie meant to hold 120 pounds worth of wire. Next thing I know I have my son in the kitchen with this thing around his neck. I won’t get into all of the details because it makes for a very long story, but after many attempts to cut it myself 911 was called because it became extremely tight and began cutting of blood supply. Within 5 minutes the fire department arrived and had the zip tie off in about 5-7 minutes. My son luckily walked away with only a gash in the side of his neck from wire cutters. It is amazing how quickly your life could change. As a parent you try to give your children age appropriate space to explore and grow, but you always worry. Something like this reminds you that accidents happen to ALL children it’s just a matter of how severe. We as parents have to deal with each crisis as they come and remember to cherish EVERY second you have with your children because you never know what life will hold or how quickly it could change.

Summer 2005
November 2011
Easter 2010
November 2011
My oh my how they grow!

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Adventures in Portrait Taking

Sunday was a bit of an adventure. We had pictures made of my kids and my nieces together. 4 kids all together and 3 of them were age 3 and under. Exhausting.  There always seemed to be one not cooperating. Nonetheless we ended up with some pretty good pictures. It only took one and a half hours to get 38 pictures. Like I said exhausting. Here are some of the better ones.

All 4 of them. My daughter would not take her hands out of her mouth, but at least they were all looking at the camera.
Again my daughter with the hands in the mouth!

My 2 beautiful children
This picture is supposed to be of all 4 children but as you can see one of them escaped out of the picture before she snapped it.

My 2 babies again. This time sissy was showing her bubba some love!

These are my 2 nieces.
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Beach Trip!

I just got back from the beach! I already wish I could go back. I took a trip down to Myrtle Beach SC with my kids. They had so much fun. This was my daughters first trip to the beach. She enjoyed the the sand and water. She took her sand toys and laughed while she was digging. Unlike most kids who laugh and run away when the waves of the ocean came in, she stood there and then chased them when they went out. As for my son he has always loved the beach. Actually he enjoys the beach but he loves the pool. The hotel we stayed at was called Sea Crest and it was perfect for a family with small children. It had 4 different pools and 2 lazy rivers as well as 2 Jacuzzis. One of the pools is like a water park with a water slide. And it was shallow enough to let my 1 year old daughter sit down and play in it, but enough activity that my 7 year old son could run around and not be bored. Like I said perfect. How often can you find one place that is suitable for those two drastically different ages. My son loved to go down the water slide over and over. It was such a nice and relaxing trip. I love to look out over the ocean and just listen to the waves, walking out on the beach in the morning before it gets to busy out. With the hotel having so many activities we really did not leave the hotel too much. The only place we did go to was Broadway at the Beach, which has always been one of my favorite places to hang out and walk around and eat. I took the kids to the Aquarium and while my daughter really didn’t care anything about it my son loved looking at the fish and sharks. His favorite part was seeing the eel swimming in the tank. I am so glad we made a last minute decision to go down to the beach. It was well worth the trip.

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Mother’s Day Gift

I cherish these times when my kids are young. Friday my 7 year old son’s class did an entire afternoon dedicated to their mom’s. It was so cute. The afternoon was filled with little skits, poems and songs. They even designed a cake for us to go with snacks and punch. After the skits and such they each came to us and showed us a letter that they wrote just for us. The teacher explained that the kids had written these letters completly by themselves. When Devon began to read his I almost began to cry. His little face was full of excitment because he knew that in that moment I was proud of him and happy. He just became more and more excited as he started showing me all of the things that he had made for me. Showing me a portrait he painted of myself and plants he had planted. The joy he was getting out of making me happy was incredible and the best Mother’s Day gift I could have asked for. I know it will not be this way forever and the enthusiasm for the day will fade away as he gets older so I just held onto it for as long as I could and will always have that memory. Even when he becomes a withdrawn teenager who would rather hang out with his friends than to spend a Mother’s Day with me, I will still have the memory of my little boy.

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Since Mothers Day is this weekend I wanted to share this message with everyone. 
I just read an email about being a mother and how it is okay to be surronded by the chaos that comes along with it. You should just embrace it instead of fighting it. It is amazing that something inspiring like that finds you just when you need it. People have preconceived notions on women that stay at home with their children. Homes should be clean, supper should be cooked, everything in their lives so neat and tidy. It is absolutely not that way. Television makes it looks to glamorous and my life is not even close to that. In the email/poem it reminds you that the important things are that your children are happy and healthy and that life as a mother tends to be organized chaos. As frustrating as it can be to find artwork colored on the wall with crayons or food spilled on the carpet, you just have to laugh. If you let all the little things of the every day get to you then you AND the rest of the family end up a stressed out mess. Your kids will love you even when the laundry needs to folded. And when they are older they are not going to remember that the dishes needed to be done but they will remember all the time you spent with them.  Have fun with life and as the saying goes… Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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