French Toast Bake

Found this quick and easy French Toast Bake recipe at Lil Luna (recipe here)
I baked mine for about an hour since the kids don’t really care for softer french toast. It was delicious and super easy. Kids thought it was a hit!
The best part was that it was completely make ahead. I just woke up and threw it in the oven and the kids had an awesome breakfast before school!
Scored points for mom!!



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Easy Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread Recipe

I scored a large bag of ripe banana’s at my local market for $1.99. Love those finds! My daughter just happens to be a banana freak so of course she loves these finds as well.
But, since they were ripe it meant she only had a couple days to eat them before they were overripe.
These overripe bananas leave me plenty of recipe options. I always make something with the remaining mushy goodness.
These time it was a delicious banana bread that I, of course, found on Pinterest. (Where else do you go when looking for recipes?!?!)
Since my son does not like nuts, this recipe fit the bill perfectly. Cinnamon swirl banana bread…just the name sounded scrumptious.
The pin took me to Lovin’ from the Oven (link for recipe found here)
This is a must try and has definitely made it to my list of rotation recipes when I have those leftover bananas!!

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Orange Punch

Orange punch, yum. It is a very basic recipe, yet oh so tasty. I know most people have a punch recipe, but I wanted to share this tried and true one. It’s my go to recipe that’s always a smashing success. I thought it might make a great addition to anyone’s gatherings and parties!!

1 Large Frozen Orange Juice-Thawed
1 Large Pineapple Juice
1- 2 Liter Ginger Ale
2 quarts Water
2 cups sugar
Orange Sherbet- (I use Orange Sherbet in plastic containers. I use 3 total.)

Boil 2 quarts of water and 2 cups of sugar.
After water has come to a boil and sugar is dissolved, let cool.
Pour all liquid ingredients into a punch bowl and mix well.
Add Sherbet and serve.

Enjoy this at your next gathering!!

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