DHC Acne Spot Treatment Review

Struggling with adult acne is the worst! I thought this would be done and over with in my teen years. I never expected it to follow me around into my 30’s. UGH!!!
I’m constantly updating my routines and looking for ways to keep my skin clear. I thought I had it down for about a year and then a few months ago BAM, it reared its ugly head again.
I went on the search for some great solutions. Where did I look you ask? Beauty Youtubers of course lol.
So after watching Nicole Guerriero’s most recent skin care routine (link here if interested), I decided to take action.
She said she found a product called DHC Acne Spot Treatment and it was working great.
So I hoped on Amazon and ordered it right away. (Find the link here)
This product is Japanese I believe. Not 100% sure.
It has sulfur as an active ingredient.
This stuff OMG. Miracles. No other words.
When it arrived I  had these 3 bumps that had appeared right under my jaw area the night before. Almost like they knew I needed to try this product. Arghh.
So this is pic #1. Bumps were just beginning and before I had applied any of the spot treatment.


So below in pic #2 was the next morning. I had done my regular nighttime routine and added the spot treatment right after the toner the night before. Woke up the next morning to completely dried up bumps. They were not sore at all, just slightly raised marks.

Oh my goodness. I can’t even describe how exciting this is. Acne usually hangs around for quite some time on me. Days upon days of dealing with it.
I’ve used it a few times since this test and if I use it at the first sign of a bump then it is literally gone the next morning.

I think this is definitely worth a shot if you are like me and just completely over the weekly struggle.

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