Crown Reef Resort Myrtle Beach SC Review

This past weekend I decided to take the kids on a much needed weekend getaway. We needed to get out of town and have some nice, relaxing time together. We had an amazing time and honestly really can’t wait to go back.
We stayed at Crown Reef Resort in Myrtle Beach SC. I was surprised by the price point being so affordable for what they offered so I wasn’t sure what to expect on arrival.

The biggest draw of this hotel was the indoor water park. With it being March, I wasn’t sure if the weather would hold up for us and I wanted to make sure the kids had an enjoyable time no matter what. Luckily the weather was beautiful, but this water park was a hit. My son basically lived on the 2 large water slides. They also had a splash pad and smaller slide for my daughters age group.

Since it was so gorgeous, we got to enjoy the 2 large outdoor pools, large lazy river that circled the tiki bar area and several outdoor hot tubs. They also had an indoor pool which we didn’t even step inside in all honesty.





To top it off this resort had a restaurant called Loco Gecko for the times we just didn’t want to eat in the room along with an arcade, ice cream shop, coffee and breakfast café and a small store. This made it SO amazingly easy to travel with kids. We only left the resort once because there was just so much to keep them occupied. Myrtle Beach is a location I have taken the kids several times so we weren’t really looking to be true tourist and get out and explore. We’ve done that too much to count so having all of this in one resort made it truly successful in the R&R.


I am so happy with this mini trip that I’ve already started planning the next one. Thank you to the friendly staff for making it an enjoyable stay.



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