Nabi Jr Review

So as promised I am going to give you all a review of the Nabi Jr tablet.

Nabi Jr- $99.00

Nabi Jr Nick Jr Edition- $139.00

We have been on the market for a tablet for a while. Our 3 year old has been wanting one and I thought it would be a good investment for educational purposes. I understand that nothing can replace that one on one time with me, learning and reading, but this does come in at a good second.

We went back and forth and had originally planned on getting the VTech Innotab 3s. We found it for $99.00. When I started reading reviews of kids tablets I found that she would not grow as well with a tablet like the Innotab. Basically it’s just a really great tech toy.  I was looking for something that would grow with her as she ages.

Kaitlyn continued to see the Nabi commercial on Nick Jr and asked for it every time. So I looked into it. When I saw the price was comparable to the Innotab 3s and that it was an actual android tablet, I was hooked.

This is the perfect size for her hands and durable so far. She has pitched a fit with it in her hand and it took a dive across her bedroom. So it did survive a 3 year olds temper tantrum. It has the rubber bumper around the edges for protection. There are two versions out right now. The Nabi Jr and Nabi Jr Nick Jr edition. We decided to buy her the Nick Jr edition, which is slightly more expensive at $139.99, but has more features.

Here are some tech specs for you

Nabi Jr.
5 inch screen
7 inches wide
4.5 inches tall
Rubberized grip (Red-Nabi Jr) (Orange- Nick Jr edition)
Android (4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) or (4.1 Jelly Bean)
4GB Memory-Nabi Jr or 16 GB Memory- Nick Jr edition
MicroSD card slot for additional memory
720p swivel camera
800×480 screen resolution

Both come with over 30 preloaded apps. It includes a camera app, chores app, photo gallery, learning apps, wings challenge and many more. My daughter loves the matching app and the puzzle app. She could play for hours if I would let her. So of the apps are a little too challenging for her right now, but there is plenty she can play with. Another feature is being able to pick your skill level. I have taught her to choose the 1 star level. On the Nick Jr edition, it comes preloaded with her FAVORITE cartoon characters like Team Umizoomi and Dora. She can play preloaded games, read books or watch videos of her favorite characters.

Once she is burned out on all of the preloaded apps (if that ever happens) we can download apps from the app zone. I have found many of them for free, but most run about $.99.  You can shop by age or by category.

I really recommend this product for anyone in the market for a tablet for younger children. Even my 10 year old wants to play it sometimes, but my daughter is very picky about her Nabi. She refuses to let anyone else mess with it. She even keeps it in a shoe box beside her bed at night! (She thinks no one can find it there.)
She has already learned so much from this tablet and I am very excited about it. I feel like we still have yet to explore all of the features of this product.

If you are interested in reading information from Nabi, click here to visit their website.

Disclosure: I was not paid or given any products for this post. I simply loved the product and wanted to give a review from one parent to another!

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  1. My son loves playing on my Galaxy phone. He knows how to open it and get into his apps and plays. I have been wanting to get him something like the Nabi for a few months now but the only downfall is he is only 19 months ( a year and a half). Would something like this be too much for him at this early of an age? Would it survive the terrible twos?

    1. Its pretty easy to maneuver around the apps and its built fairly sturdy. If he is tech savvy enough to use the apps on your phone then this should be pretty simple. I would definitely get the Nabi Jr and not some of the others for a 19 month old. This one is built sturdy enough to survive the tantrums and roughness that comes along with toddlers.

  2. I am not impressed with the nano Jr. The memory space for apps is rediclously small. The only way to access the videos is to pay a monthly fee. We already have Netflix. I don't want to pay for two. The sd card is really useless because you can't store apps on it. The wings app has never worked. There are a bunch of icons I can't delete, but they have never worked. Their customer service is not user friendly al all.
    I would not buy it again.

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