Looking Glass Waterfall

My kids love the water. Anything that has to do with water, they are game for.
On Sunday after supper the whole crew was bored. My husband had worked overtime all weekend and my son had been gone until Sunday afternoon.
We ate the burgers my husband had grilled and sat around in the living room for a bit. You could tell everyone was a little anxious. Like we all wanted to spend time together, but watching TV wasn’t going to cut it.
My husband, who worked 72 hours this week, jumps up from the recliner and says “Everyone get some shoes on and lets go.”
So we did just that.
15 minutes later we found ourselves outside of Pisgah National Forest eating a banana split at a little ice cream shop. The kids loved it of course, but they were not ready to go home.
They wanted to swim. My motherly instinct kicked in right away

“Uh, it’s only 68 degrees out here and that river is freezing. There will be no swimming this evening.”

“Ah, mom, come on.” whined my little kiddos.

My husband, of course, to the rescue again suggests a trip to the waterfall. It will appease both myself and the kids. They get to be close to the water, but not in it.

I forgot my phone in the car and did not feel like climbing the steps to go get it, so the only photo I have of our little excursion was from my hubby’s phone. (Forgive the weird eyes)

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