Labor Day BBQ Cook Off!

We had so much fun this weekend. My husband and his brother-in-law had a cook off. Pitmaster style!
I don’t know how many of you out there watch BBQ Pitmaster, but my husband and his brother-in-law got smokers this summer.
Each are different, the hubby has charcoal and wood heat and the in-law has an electric smoker.
They were discussing smoking and curious to see which gives a better taste and tenderness.

  Hubby’s smoker                                                                Brother-in-law smoker

 They both had been watching BBQ shows to get ideas. They started talking about the BBQ competition show and an idea began to emerge. “Hey, we should have a competition Labor Day weekend.”
So they did.

They both made boston butt to be judged by 3 judges. Boxes were labeled A and B to remain anonymous to the judges.
My husband also made a small pig for fun.


This was a great family get together and awesome fun for everyone.

This is sure to become a family tradition. After 8 hours of cooking the hubby won!

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