Saving Money and Loving It!!!

We are trying to seriously save some money. I mean REALLY save money. We have a few very big goals to accomplish by the end of the year and we are determined to do it. One of those being, taking are kids on a very memorable vacation. We are not telling the kids and have been planning it for a while, but we just set some dates this weekend and are super excited about it.
So to keep the kids occupied while stuck at the house on the weekends, we are getting creative. We had a blast this past weekend. Starting off the weekend with a Friday night dance party!!!!

We actually do this frequently, but this was planned and well thought out. I got out my laptop and played DJ while the rest of the family dressed up and BROKE IT DOWN!
We stared at the sky, trying to find images in the clouds…

And finally Sunday we let them chase one another. They had a blast doing this (with a few limits of course)

We finished off the evening with a ride after supper. We used this trailer this weekend for some work around the house. The kids pulled some weeds and loaded the trailer down, which is why it is so filthy. They had just dumped the trailer and drove out to the house to pick me up. We let Devon take us on a “guided tour” of our property. It’s 4 acres worth with stops at the pond, creek, and horses.

It just goes to show that you don’t need a lot of money to make memories with your children!
Until next time…

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