Cheesburger in Paradise

My husband and I are on a money saving track. We are working toward some goals in the next 6 months so we are trying to save every dollar we can.
We have become creative trying to curb the itch of getting out of the house. This past weekend we had an incredible time. My daughter was gone to her grandmother’s for a couple days so my husband and I took our son up to the freezing cold river to swim. This little adventure was spur of the moment and unfortunately I did not have my camera with me to capture their expressions as they jumped in!
It was priceless. To watch my husband pop up out of the water, freeze for a second then start beating on his chest and say “come on baby, start pumping” was HILARIOUS!
This made my 9 year old son second guess the jumping in strategy, but in the end he gave in. He launched himself into the icy cold water. He came up yelling about how cold it was and was treading just as fast as he could to get back to the river bank. We had some good quality time with just him and it was FREE! How many times can you please a 9 year old doing something for free.
Our son left for a few days and our daughter came home, so we tried to spend some quality time with her as well. She is not as hard to satisfy yet because she is 3.
We set up an easy and relaxed feel Sunday. Like we were on a beach vacation in our home. We set up the sprinkler and grilled some burgers. It was a really good week and we spent great time with each of our kids separately which is important. They get a chance to get your undivided attention for a while.
By the way our burgers turned out great. My husband grilled them on his new smoker and they were so juicy and delicious. We added some bacon and an egg over easy. I know it may sound gross to some, but I saw it on the Food Network so we tried it and WOW it was SO GOOD!!!!! If you like eggs then I highly recommend at least trying it. Be open to new things and adventures!
The photo is not pretty-my husband took it with his phone but don’t let it fool you. The burger was delicious.

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