Science Fair Project-Last Week of School

Devon had a science fair project due this week. We have been working on it for the last week now. He chose to do his project on landforms. Something he learned about before Christmas break, which is way too far back for me to remember which landforms they learned about. I, of course, turned to the trusty search engine Bing for the answers.
We found all of the major landforms and weeded through them to try to figure out which ones he was tested on. I also put my husband on a mission at work to find a large piece of cardboard, which he brought home the same day. After finding some examples and listing which landforms we wanted to use, we mapped out the project in pencil. We used numerous things to make this project unique.
The ocean was tin foil that Devon colored blue crayon. We tried using a marker, but after it dried it caused funny lines and wiped away easily. The desert and island are made from sand from Kaitlyn’s sandbox. Devon just applied lots of glue to the places he wanted sand and I sprinkled on the sand while he spread it. The volcano is a soda bottle cut in half. I hot glued the bottle to the cardboard, then formed the volcano with newspaper (leaving a hole at the top for the opening). Then we spray painted more tin foil brown and black and hot glued it onto the newspaper. We created red at the opening and running down the sides with red nail polish. Worked perfect. The mountains were created the same way, just on a smaller scale. One of my favorite parts was the rice crispy treats as the plateau. It worked out perfectly. Another great addition was gluing small rocks to outline the river.
This project was fun for Devon and I to work on together. This was one of his first large scale projects and it was fun to be creative and talk about how to do certain things. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it at first, but is glad it is over now.

Today was the Honor Roll ceremony. My little (well, not so little anymore) guy has been on A/B or A honor roll every time this year. This year, 3rd grade, has been his first year of experiencing “real” grades and testing. He has sailed by it like a trooper. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming and how incredibly smart he is.
Sorry the photos below are a little blurry but Kaitlyn wanted to help take pictures so the camera was a little unsteady.

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