Kids Bowl Free

Looking for something fun to do with those kids for summer break? I found just what you are looking for. I was scouting the Internet for fun things to do with the kids. There are only so many trips to the park I can make in one week. I came across a great opportunity. It’s called Kids Bowl Free. It’s so simple. You simply find a bowling center near you and fill out a form for each kid. You will receive vouchers by email every Sunday with a weeks worth of coupons. Every registered child will receive 2 FREE GAMES  EVERY DAY throughout the summer. After signing up they even offered a family pass for a one time fee of $24.95 which allowed the adults to have 2 free games a day.
This is so great to switch things up in our house. Especially on rainy days and the kids get restless, I can simply load them up and head down the road to the bowling alley. I love this deal and really wanted to share it with all of you other parents out there in desperate need of activities for the summer!

Check it out here!

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