Breakfast in Bed

This morning I had a special surprise from my kids. It was so nice and generous. Let me start by saying that my husband is working some overtime this weekend and left the house this morning at 5 am. I have been awake since then just watching the news and recently started a movie.
My daughter got up and wanted a drink a cartoons. Dora, of course. I decided to lie back down in bed and enjoy my movie while my daughter was in her room watching TV, still trying to wake up enough to wreck havoc on the house. Then my son got up about 15 minutes later. Since he is 9 he pretty much is an independent spirit who doesn’t ask for much help. He came in to let me know he was awake and then took off. I could hear them both rummaging around in the kitchen, but I just figured my son was getting a drink and some cereal and letting his sister help. A few minutes later they arrived in my room carrying this together…

They walked in and said HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! It was so cute and adorable. I couldn’t help but laugh. It is my son’s version of grilled cheese (toast the bread and then arrange cheese sandwich and microwave until the cheese is melted) some grapes and the kids snack jello. 

How incredibly thoughtful of them this fine morning. It just made my day.

Here they are right after they gave it to me. My son has “war paint” on his face. He drew washable marker on his face and played army last night outside. He fell asleep with it on. I don’t think he remembered it was still on his face until he saw the picture.

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