A Week at Myrtle Beach

We went to Myrtle Beach for the week. We just got back and I have been trying to organize and do laundry. The worst part about coming home from vacation.
We wanted to take our kids on a little getaway for a while. It was a great way for us to reconnect as a family and just focus on us. None of us really wanted to come back home. Devon and Kaitlyn just wanted to swim in the pools all day. We even spent a rainy afternoon in the pool. My son said “we are getting wet anyway, so why can’t we just swim?” How can you argue with that logic? So, that’s exactly what we did.
The hotel was called Caravelle Resort. A few things about this hotel. I thought it would be great for our family because they had several water features to choose from at a very good price.

A few positives-
Kids “waterpark”
Kids lazy river
Large pool
Large hot tub
Lazy river
Indoor pool on the 7th floor
Hot tub on the 7th floor
Oceanfront room with kitchen at a really great price
Away from the main strip in Myrtle Beach- positive and negative

Tiki Hut for food and drinks closed at 5 Sat and Sun and never opened back up the rest of the week
On site ice cream parlor by the pool only opened once and ran out of ice cream. (only 2 flavors left)
Snack shop by the pool had NO food. Advertised pizza, hot dogs etc but said they had nothing when I went in to get food for the kids.
Requested the lowest level because I am afraid of heights, when I checked in they put us on the top floor. I asked if they could change it but they said they couldn’t.
Had to contact security because of a couple of nasties on a balcony and according to a couple of other ladies, they contacted security too. Yet when I spoke to them they said this was the first time they had heard about it.

All in all it was a fun trip. We really only used the room to sleep because we stayed on the beach, at the pool or out on the town ALL day. We couldn’t enjoy our oceanfront balcony like I had hoped because I was paranoid the kids would fall off, but we did enjoy some time talking and spending time together.

Kids Area

Devon relaxing after swimming
Kaitlyn being launched into the air and loving it!

We ate at a few different places. Landshark’s was great. It seemed a tad generic, but they had decent food and drinks. It started POURING rain while we were walking on the boardwalk and we jumped into a place called 8th Ave Tiki Bar and Grill. It was really great. Food and drinks were great and our server was the BEST service I have ever had. Even my husband said the same. Our daughter fell asleep in my husbands arms while we were waiting for our food and she was even courteous enough to whisper every time she came to our table. She was really great. It left such an impression that once we were back home I asked my son what was his favorite part of the trip- answer- “8th Ave Tiki Bar”. He had chicken wings and raved about them all night. He even begged my husband to take him back the next day. We loved the music and atmosphere.

Kaitlyn asleep

I took the kids on the Skywheel, which is  stories high. If you will remember the beginning of this I mentioned being afraid of heights. It was terrifying, but the kids really wanted to do it. Once it was over I was extremely proud of myself for doing it.

Top of the Skywheel

We had a really great time in Myrtle Beach and thinking about it makes me want to go back to the beach. We probably won’t be staying at Caravelle anymore, but the rest was memorable.

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