The past couple of weekends have really been beautiful around here. We have been able to get out as a family and breathe in some fresh air after being cooped up in the house all winter. We live close to some beautiful scenery and outdoor activities which allows us to get some exercise with a view!

We decided to take the kids “hiking” in Dupont Forest while it was a pretty weekend. I say “hiking” because we had our three year old with us so we stayed on the well trimmed trails. It was beautiful and the gorgeous weather made it even better. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. We hiked back to the waterfalls and both of the kids loved it. We have taken Devon before, but this was my daughters first trip. She has seen waterfalls because there are numerous falls within 20 minutes of our home, but none that she was that close to. We had only taken her to some overlooks where she had to watch from afar. This one she could actual feel the spray and put her hand in the water. She loved it and had soooo much fun. My son loved it as well. He got to test his new hiking boots my mother in law bought him. He was all over the place and hard to keep up with. Both of my kids LOVE being outdoors and playing.
We had a wonderful relaxing time and made many memories. Life is good!

Walking along our well laid out path
The top of the waterfall

My family posing with the waterfall in the background

Devon (who really DIDN’T want to take a picture)

Kaitlyn (who really DID want to take a picture)


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