Revised Aircurler Review

A while back I wrote a review about the aircurler product. I wrote in the post that it was hard to get the full effect of the product because of the length of my hair. It was too short. Well, skip forward to the present and my hair is MUCH longer. I wanted to give you guys a revised review now that I can work it properly with my hair’s length.

I have been using this product a lot as of late, to give my hair some curl and volume. If I am being honest, my hair is very thick and naturally wavy, but because of the length it needed some umph. So I broke out my aircurler and went to town.

The Aircurler is very easy to use. Start with a little product in the hair to help it curl, whatever you prefer. I personally used mousse on mine. Next you just attatch the rubber end to the end of your blow dryer. The box states that it fits most blow dryers. Sometimes while I was using the aircurler, I found that it would wiggle loose from the end of my dryer, like it was going to fall off. I had to push it back on to get a tight seal.

Next place strands of hair inside the aircurler and turn on your blow dryer, starting in the back and working forward. I held each strand inside on heat for about 10 seconds and then cool for another 10 seconds.

My curls were great and super soft. I didn’t spray it down with hairspray, I just left it alone all day to see what it would do. As the day wore on I did notice the curl came out some, but it left me with plenty of volume and bounce. I also noticed that at the end of the day if I twisted the curls a bit with my fingers they would come back. Like it naturally wanted to curl up for me. . It also eliminates steps from your routine because you dry and style in the same step. That’s always a plus.

All in all I think it is a good product. It is listed at for $14.95 plus shipping. For someone with longer hair, looking for new techniques this is a pretty good buy for the price. I found myself wanting to break out my curling iron to add a few extra curls that I couldn’t get, but for the sake of the review I only used the aircurler. I think this would be a good product in addition to the others in your hair care arsenal.

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