Cabana Cay Resort Panama City Beach

My husband and I just started planning our beach trip for the summer. We have been tossing around a few ideas about where we should go. Somewhere that is a family place and has lots of fun things to do for the kids. I started looking through our beach trip photos and found my photos from our first Panama City Beach Trip. We stayed at a resort called Cabana Cay (rented from Oaseas Resorts) and it was gorgeous. It made me start to think maybe we should go back there. This was one of the best trips I have had. I would recommend this resort to anyone looking for somewhere to vacation. I know a lot of people think of spring break when you mention PCB, but both times I have been, it was not very crowded or “rowdy”. Both trips were very peaceful. And this resort just sets the right tone for a relaxing vacation.

For starters, the pool is huge. It had so much room that I never found myself crowded or overwhelmed by the amount of people around me like I do at some resorts. You know the ones where people are breathing down your neck because they are so close.

The room was gorgeous as well. We rented a two bedroom because we went with some friends. It had this large balcony where we could sit out with coffee and breakfast in the mornings, or hang out in the afternoon before hitting the town for something to eat. The full kitchen was perfect for saving a little money because we could eat breakfast and lunch and splurge on a great dinner. Another great plus was the grocery store right beside the resort.

All in all this was a fantastic place to stay. I would say the one and only downfall was that it didn’t sit directly on the beach. It is across the road, but it didn’t really affect us too much. The value of the resort and money we saved made up for the walk to the beach.
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This is not a paid post. I just enjoyed my stay and wanted to share it with everyone.

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