Snow Weekend

Growing up in North Carolina I had snow every winter. Not the crazy snow like up north, but a decent amount of snow every winter. We knew to expect snow days throughout the winter months and we always had winter attire ready in the wings for when it came. In the last 10 years though it has drastically changed. Sometimes we get some and others we don’t. Last year it didn’t snow one time. It was actually a very warm winter. I have photos from February of the family outside in light winter wear eating popcicles. My daughter will be 3 next month and knows what snow is and has talked about it for the last few weeks but was too young to remember it the last time it snowed. She has desperatly wanted to see some snow and we even let her stay with my mother in law twice last month because they called for snow in her town about an hour away. She sits at a much higher sea level. But the big snow they kept calling for blew over without a drop.

This weekend though we were not expecting to get anything and low and behold Saturday the snow starts coming down. Kaitlyn was so excited she couldn’t wait to get outside. Although the snow didn’t hang around long she enjoyed it while it lasted and I enjoyed watching the joy on her face to play in something as simple as snow. It reminds you just how innocent and precious they are.

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