Yesterday we had a make up family fun day. We attempted to do this Saturday, but ran behind due because my husband ran into a snag while changing the brakes on his truck. It took longer than usual so we got a late start. We decided we would only take them out for some dinner and come home. The combination of the late start and it being Saturday evening we had long waits. The first restaurant we tried was FAR too long a wait so we went across the street to TGI Fridays. After our 20 min wait it was almost bedtime by the time we were seated. This ended up being a disaster for my husband and me as we tried to keep our very tired and grouchy 2 year old under control while attempting to have fun with our 9 year old. My husband and son ended up scarfing down food while my daughter and I brought the majority of ours home because she refused to leave my lap.
Sunday afternoon we decided to try again during the day. It went much better. We went to an RV and Boat show. Our family is very much into camping as well as the lake. We have a camper as well as tents for when we want to “rough it”. (I still require a campground with bathrooms is all I am saying) We took regular trips to the lake every summer before the Sea-Doo was sold. This year we decided to make an effort to get back in the habit. There is something about camping that bonds a family and creates fantastic memories. We love it.

Anyway on with the story… the moonshiners were at this event. I don’t know how many people have seen this show but sometimes it can be pretty funny. My husband watches it frequently so we went inside to see them. We had our photo taken with them and I have to say they are really nice people. They just walked up and started talking to the kids before we even had the photo taken. While we were waiting for our photo to print, Mark, came up to my husband who was propped against a wall and started talking to him. My husband was struck by how nice and friendly they were. 
Needless to say we had a great afternoon filled with laughter, campers, ducks, very expensive boats, and moonshiners!!

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