A Morning in the Life Of…

Yes it is hardly noon and my day has been crazy. It’s seems like there is so much to do and I am going none stop yet I seem to have accomplished very little this morning.

My husband gets up at 5:45 for work and I am up as well, packing lunch and making coffee. Once he leaves I take a very sacred 1/2 hour for myself before my daughter beats down her door. Sometimes I get less and sometimes more depending on when she gets up. We wake up my son for school and get him off and running. Once my daughter and I get home is when you would think I could get the most done. What’s funny is that I usually can’t. As a homemaker you have a full time job trying to run your entire household, being the disciplinarian, teacher, chef, maid, errand boy, goat herder(will explain later), counselor, nurse, accountant, chef again, mother, maid again, and wife. There is a lot to do.

This morning I managed to get some work done on my website. I have been working on a business and will be launching the website next week, hopefully. Fingers crossed. So I had some last minute things to get done. I got some light housework done and then settled in to try to teach my daughter some things. We have been working on colors this week. She is not a very patient kid and it takes a lot to hold her attention. We have to do lessons in very short periods frequently throughout the day instead of dedicating a long period once a day. I found a website Starfall a very long time ago. I believe it was when my son was in Kindergarten that his teacher recommended it. It is very helpful to my daughter now. Some things are a little too advanced for her but she likes getting on the computer and “playing games”. It makes her learning time more fun and she is willing to put more time into it that way. I recommend that website for anyone with smaller children.

After she had learning time she wanted to go outside. This is when I became the goat herder. The neighbors goats have been getting out everyday for the last 4-5 weeks. Every single day I run these things off. They just come right back eating our bushes and shrubs, doing their business(if you know what i mean) in our yard for my children to step in and bring back to me. They aggravate my daughter by wandering onto the property while she is outside and it freaks her out. I understand that they are more afraid of her than she is of them, but there is a very slim possibility she could irritate the male and it could ram her. I know this possibility is small but you never know. They are just more of a nuisance than anything. So everyday I run them off and they come right back. The neighbors have even been told and I have given them the chance to fix the fence, yet nothing gets done. Today animal control came out to issue a warning. I hate to do it, but with all of the other things that have to be done around here I don’t want to take care of animals that aren’t even mine.

This is them trying to ease their way onto the property

Here they are running when they hear a crazy woman (me) yelling and running at them

I feel like I have been on the phone or online ALL day trying to accomplish things yet almost everything on my to do list is still pending. I am a list maker and I like to see things being marked off and none of that has happened today. Maybe the next half of the day will be smoother.

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