New Year’s Resolutions

Most of the time I don’t make these. I mean let’s face facts, how many times do I really keep them? This year though I want to make some attainable goals for myself.

1. Lose 16 pounds. I want to lose the rest of this weight I have been obsessing about for the last year. My daughters birthday is in March and I would like to be at my goal weight by then. That is 16 pounds and a very attainable goal.

2. Drink more water. This is something I should have been doing years ago and I have tried, but this year I am determined to do it. Starting at one glass a day and working my way up.

3. Be more stress free. I have sometimes severe anxiety which causes me to worry about EVERYTHING. This year I want to relax more and have fun.

That’s it. I am keeping it simple and not stockpiling a list of things I will never keep up with. Whether you made resolutions this year or not I hope everyone at least brings more happiness to their lives and remains positive in the evergrowing negative world. Enjoy life, play with your kids more and just be happy.

                           Happy 2013!!!!

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