I hate a toothache. In my opinion there is nothing worse than a toothache. They feel like your whole head could explode from pain. I have a mouthful of cavities at the moment and have been putting off the dentist visit (which is exactly what got me here in the first place.)

I went to the dentist this morning and had 2 fillings done. The whole left side of my face feels tingly and huge. I look in the mirror expecting to see the baseball size lump in my cheeks but it’s hardly swollen. It just feels like it should be there. They numbed me with their giant needles at about 11 this morning. It is now 3 pm and the feeling is just beginning to go away. I am now starving because I could not feel enough to be able to chew my food for lunch. I also have the inside of my cheeks that are bleeding because, while unknown to me, I was biting them and didn’t even know. I now blame Lidocaine for my starvation and being unable to communicate for the last 4 hours.

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