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It’s crazy I know, but yes I am going to talk about Goodwill again. I went to another location this past weekend. It’s a much larger store located in Asheville. I found some great stuff. I spent a lot more this time, but it was so worth it. I now have added 5 pairs of Express and Old Navy jeans to my collection, 2 new tops, 3 Hollister shirts for my son and my husband got 2 Structure shirts, 1 Hollister shirt and Hollister jeans. All of this was about $60. It’s rare to walk out of the mall with more than one bag for $60. I am super excited about my finds again. It’s a great way to wear great clothes at a great price. You just have to dig a little harder for them.

For the second part of this post I wanted to share this great deal. If you use this link Jimmy Choo Shoes you can get $25 off of what is already some major savings on Jimmy Choo shoes. This offer is at Gilt. Today they also have Invicta Watches and Furla bags. Check it out at Gilt.com

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