Thoughts and Prayers

It’s been hard to blog these last few days. Nothing seems to come out as gracefully as I would hope. I would not presume to know what those families are going through because I have never suffered the loss of a child, but I do know what it means to be a parent. This loss is tragic and as a human being you feel sad about these events, but as a parent you can truly feel the weight of what these families must be going through. I have hugged my babies just a little bit tighter these last few days and as I dropped my 3rd grader off at school yesterday I drove home with tears. I watched the teachers walking in with heavy hearts, the principal standing outside helping every child out of the car, the sheriff’s car parked in the front which is a new precaution that began this week and then all of the children filing out of their cars. Most of them walking carefree toward the building, smiling and laughing, just as it should be. Sandy Hook Elementary students and staff, all of the families effected and suffering from this tragedy have been in my thoughts and prayers. They will continue to be in my prayers. It may take a lot of time, but I know as a community you will heal from these events. We will never forget those precious children and brave adults.

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