One More Pound

So it is the end of my dieting week and just as promised I am here with an update. First of all I ate really good this week. I mean really good. I watched my calorie intake and kept far from sweets and bad carbs. The problem came when my husband and I bought our Christmas presents for each other. I was on track and exercising everyday up until last Friday. My husband had the day off so we headed down to the furniture store. When we came back home we had 2 recliners in the back of the truck ready to be unloaded. Merry Christmas to us. Here is the bad part, it made me SO LAZY. No joke, I mean really lazy. I kept my butt planted in that seat all weekend. I still ate good, but no exercise. So my result was one little pound. Yep, I said it, just one pound this week. Oh well, you’ll have that.

So my goal for the coming week is going to be two pounds again. We’ll see if I can stay out of that comfy recliner and do something.

This is my new recliner by Ashley!

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