Christmas is Here!!!!

I LOVE Christmas. Let’s just start by saying that. I am the person who is digging around in storage the day after Thanksgiving for all of the decorations. We normally do an artificial tree because of my son’s asthma. For some reason the real ones seem to aggravate it. This year though his asthma has been much more under control than in the past and we decided to test it. So this weekend we went and picked out our very first family tree. I know I sound a little sentimental about it and it’s because I am. I have very vivid memories of growing up and getting our tree. As a matter of fact our family had a Christmas Tree farm for a long time until it was sold. So that was a tradition in my family growing up and I loved reliving it with my own kids this year. Sunday we put up decorations and decorated our tree and I have to say it looks and smells better than any artificial tree out there. You just can’t beat the real thing and I had forgotten that until ours was up in the living room. I had grown so used to the fake one that I forgot how much I love the real ones. I know this may sound dorky to everyone else, but I am really excited about it. It has really put me in the Christmas mood this year. I am ready to cook and bake everyday and fill my house with the smells of cookies, pies and stews.

The picture above has the top of my daughters head as she ran through the house. The pics didn’t turn out great on my phone so forgive them.

These are photos of some stained glass ornaments that were made for each of my children by a family member. Aren’t they adorable? I think I am going to look into doing this next year. I would do it this year but it requires certain tools.

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