Again with the dieting?

So for a while I was documenting my weight loss progress. I was doing really well and had lost 37 pounds total in my last post, which you can read here. If you follow my blog at all you will know that I fell off the map for a couple of months. We were going through some changes in life and during that time I ate my way through it. Yes, that’s right I gained some of the weight back. In 3 months I managed to put on 6 pounds. Some may have been over Thanksgiving weekend. (Too many sweets!)

Anyway as of today I have decided that I did much better when I was documenting my progress every week. I know that I may just be blogging about all of this for myself only. Most people probably do not care how much I lose, but for my own sake I need to do this. It almost made me feel like I was being held accountable every week. That gives me more motivation to do better.

So every Tuesday I will have a post on my progress. Right now, after the 6 pound weight gain, I have lost 31 pounds since last year. My goal is to lose 2 pounds this week. Hopefully I can go above and beyond the 2 pounds, but I think it is better to start off slow so I don’t get discouraged if I miss my goal. Wish me luck this week, I have to retrain myself on how to eat.

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