My First Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving was unique for us this year. We are normally on the go most of the day, going from family to family, bringing a dish here and there. It’s like a chaotic rhyme you can’t keep up with. This year though all but one dinner was called off due to different reasons. So we had somewhere to be at 1pm and that was it. So my husband and I decided we would try to do a dinner for ourselves. I began cooking that morning and then left my husband with the turkey while I took my daughter to the dinner at 1. When we came back I finished cooking the rest of dinner.
Now I realize that people everywhere have mastered the art of a Thanksgiving dinner, but for a first timer you feel this great sense of accomplishment when everything turns out good and nothing has burned. I call that a success.
My mother in law showed up around 5 and ate with us. She went back for seconds which was a good sign. I am extremely proud of myself and enjoyed cooking with my husband. I do have to say the biggest key to this meal was a timeline. I decided in advance what to make and when so that I wasn’t trying to rush at the last minute to finish all of the food. I also cheated a little by using a crock pot recipe for my mac and cheese. Just throw it in and let it cook. All in all it was a delicious dinner. Bravo to me. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

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