Ladybug Craft

My son made this craft a few years ago for Christmas. He passed them out to family members and to be honest it is the only gift that they ALL still have. My parents use it as a doorstop, one is on a mantle, another is displayed lovingly in a living room and another is used as garden decor. He passed out 5 of these Ladybug rocks back in 2008 and all of them are still proudly displayed.

We got the idea from a Blue’s Clue’s book a long time ago. We started by searching our creekbed for large, rounded rocks. We then painted the entire rock red. My son was only 5 at the time and loved this part, but also made a mess so I would suggest a towel or plastic to keep it clean. Then you paint a black line right down the middle of the rock. Paint the front area black as well for the face, followed by small black circles for the dots. Grab some white paint for the eyes and you are set. You can make it as elaborate or as simple as you or your child would like. Let your creativity run wild. I am telling for a small child this makes a great homemade inexpensive gift for the holidays.

Here is an example I found on google. It’s a drawing but you get the idea of what it is supposed to look like. I wish I had thought enough back then to have him make one for me and then I would show you a picture.

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