It’s been a while

Hello out there. Wow, it has been SO long since I have posted here. I feel out of the loop. So many things have been going on in life these last few months and this blog was just pushed to the side a bit. My husband and I went on a little trip back in August to Panama City Beach FL again. This was our second year in a row. It was a beautiful condo but we ended up on the 19th floor. UMMM……scary for someone afraid of heights.

                                     Yeah way too high!!!

Then in October we celebrated my son’s 9th birthday (which is unbelievable to me) I can’t believe he is 9 years old. Is this possible? Obviously so because here is the proof with his favorite gift of all, an Xbox 360

Next we come to Halloween. This was the first year our 2 year old daughter really understood what was happening. If you ring a door bell and say trick or treat the lovely people will put candy in this bucket I am carrying around. She was more excited than our son.
The 50’s poodle skirt and sweater meets zombie.

They enjoyed their VERY cold evening and really racked in some candy.
We have had a crazy journey these last few months but are enjoying our time as a family. Here are some photos along the way. Until next time!




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