Sunday Fun Day!

Yesterday was 92 degrees at my house. It is a decline in recent temps, but still hot. My husband grilled a Boston butt on the grill for hours which made our usually cooler covered porch hotter than standing in the sun. The outdoor fans just blew down the hot air from the grill. By the end of the day my two year old was grouchy, my husband was hot and we were all itching to get out of the house. My husband had the brilliant idea to go grab some ice cream. You gotta love a man that knows just how to get to your heart! So we loaded up the kids and headed 15 minutes up the road to the ice cream shop and devoured numerous flavors of ice cream. Next we headed up to the river and waded in it to cool ourselves until my 8 year old son found a nice tree to jump from. (Yes I was very nervous about the sharp rocks lurking at the bottom.) We spent an hour playing and swimming, clothes and all since this was spur of the moment, and had a blast.
It is amazing how connected we felt to the kids and how they felt toward us at the end of the day. We really hadn’t spent much time together all day. My husband grilled outside, my son is old enough to wander around our large property and we hardly even saw him. My daughter and I went in and out trying to keep her happy and cool. But because we took two hours that evening to throw caution and plans to the wind, our kids were so happy that night. The words out of my son’s mouth said it all for me. “This was the best Sunday ever!” he said while running up to our car soaking wet and laughing. Those are words that we hardly hear out of him anymore and reminds us as parents that it doesn’t take a lot of money or time to leave an impression on our children.

Photo of Looking Glass Waterfall just up the road from where we were swimming. Beautiful place to visit!
Pisgah Forest Images
This photo of Pisgah Forest is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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