Cherish Your Children

May 2010

Yes those muddy, snotty creatures running around on two legs are actually little human beings. I know sometimes it doesn’t seem possible but it’s true. I will admit that as a mother I can easily become frustrated with the all of the shenanigans around my house. They have been known to walk around the house tearing down everything possible just to look at it. We can spend all morning cleaning a room and I leave them to play for 10 minutes and when I come back it is unrecognizable. My 2 year old will pitch a fit in the middle of a store and throw herself in the floor, leaving me to be eyed and judged by onlookers asking in their head “Why can’t she get her kid under control?”
Believe me I have tried but they have minds of their own and we can’t always control when an outburst occurs. I type this literally with a mud and grass trail from the front door to my son’s room.
With all of that said, they are my babies. I can have a trying time with them all day yet just hearing their laughter before bed makes it worth it for me. They have a way of melting your heart with a smile. See this week has been difficult for me. We had a scary experience in my home that involved my children and once you experience moments like these it makes you treasure every moment with your children.
My 8 year old son had a friend over and they wanted some food. Typical boys always starving (you would think they hadn’t been fed in days.) I was in the kitchen stirring noodles for lunch while my son, his friend and my daughter were playing in the living room. My son found a cable tie meant for construction work. It is basically a very thick zip tie meant to hold 120 pounds worth of wire. Next thing I know I have my son in the kitchen with this thing around his neck. I won’t get into all of the details because it makes for a very long story, but after many attempts to cut it myself 911 was called because it became extremely tight and began cutting of blood supply. Within 5 minutes the fire department arrived and had the zip tie off in about 5-7 minutes. My son luckily walked away with only a gash in the side of his neck from wire cutters. It is amazing how quickly your life could change. As a parent you try to give your children age appropriate space to explore and grow, but you always worry. Something like this reminds you that accidents happen to ALL children it’s just a matter of how severe. We as parents have to deal with each crisis as they come and remember to cherish EVERY second you have with your children because you never know what life will hold or how quickly it could change.

Summer 2005
November 2011
Easter 2010
November 2011
My oh my how they grow!

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