Weight loss

Okay so I have not posted about my weight loss since April. Arghh!! That’s crazy. I am supposed to be finished with this by now. I had thought I would definitely be at my goal weight by now. I haven’t posted since April because there was nothing to report. How boring to read week after week that I had made no progress. I am pleased to say that after gaining a pound back that I have finally started picking up my pace again. My last post stated that my total weight loss was 30 pounds. Well I gained a pound and that brought it back to 29 pound weight loss. So a couple weeks ago I managed to skim off 2 pounds and this past week I dropped another 2 pounds. YAY!!!!! I know it’s not much but it is progress which is all I can ask for. So to date my total weight loss is drum roll please…33 pounds. My goal to loose this week is 3 pounds. I will post next Tuesday and see if I met my goal.

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