Fireproof your Marriage

So this morning my daughter woke me up early. My son just started summer vacation this week and has been sleeping in and my husband leaves for work at 5am. So it was just the two of us and I don’t think she was quite ready to wake up because she climbed into my bed with her blanket and laid down on her daddy’s side of the bed. Since I was up and no chance of going back to sleep I turned on the TV and started a movie. Now this movie came out a while back and I had heard about it numerous times. I had even heard of church’s showing it on the weekends for a sort of date night for married couples.
Fireproof. That is the name of the movie. It has Kirk Cameron in it. The acting is not fantastic but if you look past that and more into what the message of the movie is about it can be inspiring. Every couple has ups and downs and sometimes those downs can really take a toll on your marriage. It’s when these tests come that we really find out about our own self. Pushing through and finding the strength to keep going even though you really want to throw in the towel.
When I watched this couple struggling it’s incredibly relatable. To feel like you have just given up, but it is inspirational to watch someone try who has no desire to in the beginning and in the end find a way to love and forgive your partner. Which in turn can have a profound effect on the partner and create a change in them as well. This man finds faith in God that he had all but given up on and when he finds that love he can fully learn to love his wife.
Anyway I just wanted to share with everyone that it is worth a watch.
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