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So my cousin by marriage had a post on her blog about her goals to being happy and healthy. It made me think about all I have been through to lose all of this weight in the last 6 months. It has been a long and sometimes hard journey for me, but well worth it. I know I have been documenting some of my journey with everyone, but I thought I would go a little more in detail about how I actually dropped the weight. Let’s rewind back to October. I had just taken a vacation with some friends to the beach and had been staring at my fat photos. I was feeling horrible about myself and my body and to be honest it was really beginning to effect every aspect of my life, physically and mentally. Physically I could no longer run in the yard and play with my kids without being winded. I had NO energy and just wanted to lie on the couch. I had no reason to get up and do anything or get dressed or put on makeup since I don’t have a job. So here I was watching myself gain more and more weight yet I couldn’t stop the eating because that was my way of copping. Not a healthy way but the only way I knew. I had a phone conversation with my sister-in-law the last week of October and she was trying to explain how she achieved her weight loss success. I didn’t really understand how it worked but I tried it anyway. After a week I had no luck. Not even losing one pound. So my sister in law drove out to my house and gave me some papers and a book she used to stay focused. After that first week I was hooked on that method. I lost 5 pounds that first week. So here is what I did. Let’s begin with my diet.

Calories matter. That is what you focus on, not the fat. You have to count your calories.
You are limited to a certain amount of non-protein calories a day. So what does non-protein mean?
Counting non protein calories  Total calories
                                                -Protein calories (grams of calories x4)
                                                -Dietary Fiber calories ( grams of dietary fiber x4)
                                                -Sugar Alcohol calories (grams of sugar alcohol x4)
                                              = Non-protein calories (these are the calories from net carbs and fats)
If a protein bar has 210 total calories, 5g dietary fiber, 18g sugar alcohol and 19g of protein
dietary fiber 5g x 4= 20
sugar alcohol 18g x 4= 72
protein 19g x 4= 76                              then add your totals once multiplied
Once you have gotten this number then you will take your total calories and subtract this number from it since these calories naturally burn off in your system and you don’t need to count them.

210 – 168= 42 non protein calories.
So the lesson here is that many foods look like a scary calories number but once you subtract out the healthy calories it really makes a big difference.

So for 2 weeks I ate 600 non-protein calories then on week 3 I ate 1000 non-protein calories and you continue this pattern throughout your entire diet. The 3rd week is VERY important. From personal experience I know. I was doing so well that I tried to leave out the 1000 calorie week in an attempt to lose more weight but I ended up hitting a wall for a few weeks and not losing anything. My sister in law told me it was because I was skipping that 3rd week and my body was losing momentum. I had to eat the extra calories in order to jump start my weight loss again. Now I stick to it just as written. And it works.

My downfall is sugar and you have to avoid sugar for this diet. In order to get around that I had to train my brain to eat similar to a diabetic. Russell Stovers makes great sugar free candies and chocolates. There are many freezer pops that are sugar free as well as cookies and pies so I never felt deprived. Eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day and drink lots of water.
Another important rule to remember is to eat a high protein breakfast and eat it within 3 hours of waking up. VERY important. When I pack in carbs for breakfast I do not lose as much that day versus starting my day with eggs and bacon.
Okay last tip on diet is to take 1 fish oil vitamin during the day. This really does work. It gives me energy throughout the day. In the evening after dinner take a multivitamin. This is all outlined in the packet I received and I wasn’t sure why it would make a difference but I was adamant in the beginning about doing this program as outlined but began slipping midway. Let me just say on the days I didn’t take those vitamins I only lost ounces versus pounds. I’m just saying. I don’t know why or how it works but I’m am proof that it does.


I weighed 177 when starting this program and could only tolerate walking. So I started out walking 5 days a week for 20 minutes and gradually worked my way up to one hour. I now do some intervals mixing my walking with some running. I will walk 5 minutes then run 2. The more weight you lose the less calories you burn per minute. According to my calorie king book- light exercise like walking, gardening, housework will burn
130lbs- 3 cal/min
170lbs- 4 cal/min

moderate exercise like brisk walking, swimming, shoveling snow
130lbs- 5 cal/min
170lbs- 6 cal/min

heavy exercise like jogging, vigorous cycling, kick boxing
130lbs- 8 cal/min
170lbs- 10 cal/min

I tried adding as much exercise as the weather and time would allow.

This works and over 30 pounds of weight loss later I am proof. It was hard at times and I hit some bumps. I had to get over the midway hump and find my momentum again and trying to reshape the way you have eaten your entire life is difficult, but it can be done. I will try to find some of my low calorie meals and post the recipes for everyone who wants to give it a try. Good luck and I hope this helps someone else in need of a healthier lifestyle.

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