Dancing with the Stars Finals

Just want to start by saying that I am slightly disappointed in Monday nights show. This is my favorite night of Dancing with the Stars because of freestyle. Usually there is one that isn’t so great but the other two are completely unexpected and fun. William Levy’s freestyle just did not impress me at all. I mean it was standard and boring. Cheryl has won this before with amazing stand out freestyle dances and she came out with something that looked like it could have been seen any other night of the competition. Katherine Jenkins happens to be one of my fav’s. She has been since the beginning because she is an amazing dancer. Her freestyle was much better but not as exciting as I had hoped. She is partnered with Mark Ballas who is one of my favorite professionals on the show because he is so unique in his choreography. I watched it and liked it, but it won’t be one of the stand out freestyles like others in the past. Donald Driver on the other hand did it right. He is not the most talented dancer on the show and I have not been pulling for him to win, but I am pretty sure he will taking off with that mirror ball tonight because of his country freestyle. Like I said he is not the best dancer and his technique isn’t great but his dance stood out and was exciting. It got people up and moving out their seats.
I am still pulling for Katherine because she has been amazing all season and is by far the better dancer, but in order to win you have to pull out the stops for the freestyle dance and I’m not sure that she took enough risk last night. We shall see tonight on ABC for the finale!!!!

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