Bathroom Remodel Chaos

This weekend has been crazy around my home. We planned a remodel on our guest bathroom this past weekend. It is a smaller bathroom and needed an overhaul. We thought that this would go fast and smooth since it was such a small bathroom. Yeah right! While my son was with his father this weekend I had planned to get myself and my daughter out of the house as much as possible to give my husband a chance to work at a quicker pace. So Friday afternoon we took of on our adventure and within a couple of hours I recognized the signs of an aggravated and grouchy child. Walmart became a disaster fairly quickly and we ended our trip and came home earlier than expected. My husband worked around us as much as possible and had to finish up by 8pm due to and extremely tired and fussy child. We went to bed thinking after a good nights rest she would wake in a better mood and she and I would try again. Maybe Toys R Us filled with lots of things for her to look at. I realized when she woke at 4am crying that the fussiness the day before we had blamed on sleepiness was actually due to the growing cold that had suddenly showed itself full force in the middle of the night. He again had to work around us for most of the day Saturday. I did get her outside and play for a while, but due to the cold weather and high winds we had to abandon our outside plans and come back in. Sunday was worse than the day before because I had been up with her most of the night and I now had the vicious head cold myself. So a tired grouchy little girl mixed with tired grouchy mommy doesn’t make a good combo for dad who is trying to work vigorously to get the bathroom finished in a weekend.
He managed to demo the room, do some Sheetrock work, lay tile, install a new toilet and sand the walls to get ready for paint. We decided that since we were a little behind that he would do everything he could because I could try to paint while my daughter napped this week. Here is the kicker, this has to be done this week because we are having my daughters 2nd birthday party here Saturday for our families. Families that will be using the new guest bathroom. Maybe I should have timed my remodel a little differently!

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