Here is to my homebound day!

As I said in yesterday’s post I am dealing with kidney stones which leaves me stuck at the house. I am taking pain medication so I can’t really drive anywhere and I  wouldn’t want to get stuck at a store and end up thriving in pain next to my target shopping cart. So I have been scoping out the Internet today for some interesting finds and have found a few.
First let me start with some freebies for all of you money saving woman out there. If you are like me then you will take anything that comes free!

Defy Biotopical Age Intervention Sample Kit-long name but sounds interesting
It is naturally sourced and paraben free. Their website states that it fights signs of aging including “wrinkles, fine lines, discolorations, age spots, crow’s feet, dry sagging skin, dark under eye circles and dull rough tone and texture.”
Click here to get your free sample

Parent’s Choice Baby Formula
Parent’s Choice is offering a free sample of 4.3 oz of infant formula. You have the choice between Premium, Advantage and Gentle formula
  Click here to get your free sample

Find Your Bliss freebie
This sample includes a .5 oz pouch of bath/shower gel and a .3oz pouch of body butter. You can choose between Good Morning Glory and Dozy Night Dreams
Click here to get your free sample

Tropical Breeze Fragrance
If you are looking for a new fragrance for your man try Vasquez & Rincon’s new fragrance called Tropical Breeze.
Click here to get your free sample

Okay so enough about the freebies and on to new subjects. Today I have been trying to find ways to occupy my daughter so that she is not so fussy. I can’t pick her up and play very much today since I  don’t feel well. So I turned on some music on Pandora on Directv, which is a fabulous new addition I might add, and the song “Paradise” by Coldplay came on. My daughter danced around the living room to this song and I have to say that it is one of my new favorite songs. I have never been much of a Coldplay fan, but this song is catchy and I love it. Obviously from the look on my daughters face while she danced she did too.
I am going outside to enjoy this beautiful weather today and sit on my front porch! Here is a lyric video I found on YouTube. Hope you all enjoy!!!!

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