Acne Facial Cleanser that works!

                                             Equate Daily Face Wash, 6.5 oz
About two weeks ago I reviewed the Clean and Clear Morning Burst face cleanser and told everyone that I would be trying something new and review it soon. I have been desperately searching for a cheap resolution to my adult acne breakouts. It seems that everything I have tried has not helped or just made it worse including Proactive and Murad which are made specifically for people like me. I was incredibly disappointed that I could not find a solution to my problem in my budget range. So a few months ago I set out on this journey to try every brand in the drug store that I could until I found something that truly worked. Well that time seems to have arrived.
Equate is a Walmart brand and I picked up this face wash a few weeks ago. I know this may be a little premature to already write a review about it since I have only been using it for two weeks, but I am so excited about it that I just couldn’t help myself. This is Walmart’s version of Clearasil Daily Face Wash and remarkably comes in at half the price. It is amazing. I payed…wait for it…$2.89!!!!!! Wow, I know. So far my face has completely cleared up and I have only had one, count it, one break out since starting it. And the only reason for that breakout was because I fell asleep before washing my face one night. To top it off that cleared up within a couple of days. That amazes me because it normally takes longer than a week for one acne mark to disappear. This cleanser feels amazing too. It leaves my face totally clean after washing. It is a thicker product and foams up slightly once it mixes with water. One of the best parts is that it does not over-dry my skin. A very small amount of this product will go a long way. I have a feeling this 6.5 oz bottle will last many months.
I am so excited about this find because of how well it works and how CHEAP it is. After filtering through all of the products out there that are expensive and claim to treat acne I found a basic cleanser that treats better than any of the others. For anyone looking for an answer try this. Or for anyone who is about to run out of cleanser you should try this as well. It could save money and I believe a penny saved is a penny earned. Anyone can use extra money!!
As I stated when I first started reviewing these products, my goal is to find an entirely new regimen that works starting one product at a time. Now that I have found my perfect cleanser and at such a steal I can begin my search for my next product. I will begin looking for a product to help with these acne scars that I have left behind. I have seen some products advertised recently and will be purchasing and reviewing soon so stay tuned. If anyone has any tips or has tried anything for acne marks or discolorations then let me know and I will give those a try. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I just recently started using the Equate brand face wash that is comparable to Proactiv. Not sure how it's working yet. I will definitely have to give this one a try next time!

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