Dieting on Week 2

So it is the end of the 2nd and I had some ups and downs. I worked really hard this week to shed the pounds and it was working. I was eating healthy, lots of whole wheat and veggies. It was also so beautiful this week so I got out of the house and walked for at least 30 minutes or more a day. My daughter and I also downloaded a music program to the PlayStation 3 this week and did LOTS of dancing. She loves to dance around and it gives me great exercise without feeling like I am. As of Monday I was down 3 pounds and ecstatic. I was getting ahead of my goal and it made me feel good. Then Tuesday I woke up and had gained 2 pounds back. WHAT?!?! I couldn’t believe it. I ate so good that day and worked out for 1 hour. So how in the world did I gain 2 pounds? I don’t know but it made me feel horrible. I was super upset for a while and frustrated that I had such a huge set back and wasn’t even sure where I went wrong. Once I pulled myself together I pushed forward and pretty much had to force myself to eat good because I tend to be an emotional eater. But I did it and lost 2 pounds this week. That brings my total weight loss to 24 pounds. That is something to be proud of I think. So here is to trying to stay positive this coming week.

P.S. I wish I had my camera so that I could show you what a huge difference 24 pounds has made.

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