Clean and Clear Morning Burst Review

Morning Burst Facial Scrub

Okay so I have been trying new facial cleansers trying my hardest to clear up this adult acne I have been cursed with. Thanks a lot to my gene pool. Anyway, after the Neutragena product I reviewed back in November I went out and bought some of this scrub. Clean and Clear Morning Burst. I didn’t expect it to work miracles because it was only about $5.00 at WalMart, but I decided to exhaust my efforts in the cheaper range before diving into an expensive skin care line. I thought this scrub would be a little better than it was. It really just sat on my face and didn’t feel as if it was getting clean. Also the little beads that are in the scrub stay on your face and I found them extremely hard to wash them all away. My face wasn’t smooth like you would expect it to be after using a scrub, but most importantly it left a lot of dirt and junk behind that you obviously don’t want to be there. As a result of the dirt and grime my face continued to break out. I have to say that it wasn’t any worse than before, but it also didn’t get any better. I just finished up this tube of scrub (even though it didn’t work I hate to be wasteful) and I have bought a new product. I found my next product at WalMart as well. I just hate to believe that with shelves full of facial products at these supercenters and drug stores that there is nothing affordable for the average woman to buy. I mean come on it is 2012 we should have made enough progress to give women on a budget good options for their skin. I will give it some time to work and see what happens. Here’s to hoping the next product does a little better.

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