Diet on the 2nd Week 1

Okay so here is my week 1 all over again. I am calling it week 1 because I lost track for so long that I began loosing count. I have decided to start fresh and today ends my week 1. So I did really good this week with my eating, but exercise was not so successful. I did walk 2 days this week, but it rained a lot the rest of the week. I also slipped on Sunday and had a sliver of cheesecake. Literally a sliver of it. So as of this morning I lost 2 pounds this week. It brings my total to 22 pounds and makes me super excited and a little more motivated than I have felt in about a month. I can’t wait to get through this week and keep shedding these pounds. I have a feeling I am going to make it to my goal weight at or close to my goal time. I will be bikini ready before this summer 🙂 Can’t wait!!

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