A Brand New Year

I have not posted anything since 12/21/11. WOW. I have fallen behind in my posting. So sorry about that. So here is a brief update of my life. Christmas was great, my family had a wonderful holiday and we spent time together and enjoyed each other. We did have one MAJOR disaster over the holidays. On Christmas Eve I whipped out my camera to snap some photos of my beautiful children opening presents at their grandparents and took a couple bad and blurry shots and then BAM the camera shuts off. It says PLEASE REPLACE BATTERIES. OK so I had thought ahead enough to stick 2 extra sets of batteries in the carrying case just for this outcome. (If I am being honest I tend to miss a lot of shots because I forget to bring extra batteries. So props to me for at least remembering this time.) So, I put in the new set and try to snap a better picture. After picture number two it shuts down again saying PLEASE REPLACE BATTERIES. “Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous. I just replaced them.” This is what I was saying as my husband approached. I handed the camera over telling him I was over this camera and he could take over. He tried another set of batteries with the same outcome. This time though it seemed to be possessed, turning on and off. I was angry. Of course it would quit right on Christmas Eve when I really need it to get some pics of the kiddos over the next couple of days. So we had to rely on a disposable camera which I have not used in years. Isn’t that typical of life to just throw you a curve ball but we managed and are in the process of snatching some pics from other people who were around. The only real loss was Christmas morning when no one else was here to get some of the kids.
New Years Eve was a bore around our house. Everyone fell asleep before midnight. My diet which I was trying to keep track of on this blog for everyone has been at a stand still here recently. I fell by the wayside over the holidays and did not loose for a few weeks. I was stuck at a 17 pound weight loss for weeks. I was frustrated and yet  I could not make myself stop eating the bad foods. I have started the dieting back up and will post something in a week on my progress.
I will do better at keeping my blog up to date. Maybe that should have been my New Years Resolution!

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