Weekend Getaway!

This past weekend we as a family decided we needed some time away. Well my husband and I decided but my son was all about having a weekend away. My daughter is just too young to even know what is happening. So we headed off to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg TN. The weekend was intended to relieve some stress and bring us together as a family. Ha. How funny. It ended up the opposite and we came home more stressed than when we left. The fact is that the kids are so far apart in age that it is hard to do activities. My son is 8 and wants to do EVERYTHING. Literally. My daughter is almost 2 and very temperamental. She can go from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds and when she does you just have to hope you are not in public. Unfortunately most of the time we are. She likes her freedom therefore she hates being strapped in to a stroller. That makes going to museums or walking down the street to browse in shops almost impossible. This weekend was no exception and since we could not go in many places the 8 year old ended up grouchy which rubbed of on us adults. We ended up grouchy because of the 2 grouchy kids. Do you see the cycle here?

This was about the only time the kids were excited. Maybe we should have stayed at the pool the entire stay. My son cannot be seen in many of the pool pics since he spent the majority of his time under water with his snorkel!

Kaitlyn right before the tantrum starts because she is stuck in her stroller while the boys are……

Riding Go-Carts!

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