This morning I finished up my Christmas shopping. I am so excited that I have finished and have NO worries and it is the beginning of December. Such a fabulous feeling. I finished the big gifts last week and today I got stocking stuffers and my last few gifts for other family members. I also got all of my ingredients for the Monster Cookie Mix I am making as gifts. I worked on putting all of my mix in mason jars this morning and have started some wrapping. To be honest I have gotten NO chores done today because I am so excited that I just can’t seem to pull myself away from preparing for Christmas.

I wrote out Christmas card yesterday (yes I still hand write all of my Christmas cards. I know it seems old fashioned to hand write them, but I prefer to do it that way. I mailed those out this morning on my way to Walmart and Target.

I always set a goal to start my shopping early so that I can finish and still have time to relax before Christmas, but it never seems to happen. This year I started in October and bought a little every week and now there is no credit card bill, no layaway, just gifts and a very happy Mama!

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