Coconut Scrub

Coconut Salt Scrub

While on our weekend getaway my husband made a discovery in the men’s bathroom! We were eating at a restaurant for dinner and my husband came back from the restrooms raving about this scrub they had. He even made me feel how soft his hands were. At first I thought my husband had lost it while in the restroom, but after feeling his super soft hands I was impressed. In the middle of dinner my son had to go to the restroom (anyone with kids knows as soon as your food comes it’s like an automatic reaction for a kid to need to go to the bathroom. It’s like it’s hard wired in their tiny brains.) He also came back talking about his hands. So before we left the restaurant I decided I needed to check out this magical scrub that fascinated my two boys. They had this scrub sitting on the counter. It was in a bowl with a small wooden spoon. The directions were above it posted on the wall. Rub small amount on dry hands, let dry for 1 min then wash off. Easy enough so I did it. WOW! It was like a mini massage for my hands while I was scrubbing them with this salt scrub concoction. After rinsing it off of my hands they were unbelievably soft. I could see the possibilities. No more sticky lotion for my hands. I went to the front and asked about it and made the decision to buy some because I was so impressed. I bought the coconut salt scrub (as seen above) and it exfoliates your hands and leaves them smooth and silky. It is made by a company called Secret of the Islands. This product is a bit of a splurge at $25.00 for just 16 oz, but you use very little of the product at a time. It seems that it will last for quite some time. I use it once a day on my hands and have also used on my feet. It really does everything it says it will. I highly recommend this product if you want to splurge a little for the holidays! They also sell smaller containers that would make great gifts or as an addition to a bath and body Christmas basket.

 To see the website and check out other fragrances click here.

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