Week 5 of Diet

I thought I would go ahead and post my progress today. I am not sure how much time I will have in the next few days. I had a Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday and gained a pound. I was discouraged but knew to expect it because I just couldn’t stop myself from eating the mac and cheese. Even with my slight set back of gaining a pound I still managed to lose some weight. My total weight loss is now 14 pounds. I am hoping that tomorrow being my end of the week that I will make it to 15 pounds. That will be a huge accomplishment in my eyes. To lose 15 pounds in just 5 weeks feels like an acceptable amount of time for me. I am more accepting of the fact that this is going to be a slow process. I know that last week I was having a hard time not reaching my goal of 5 pounds per week. The main thing I am trying to remember is that I am not just dieting, but I am learning healthy eating habits. Habits that I will continue for the rest of my life. This will help me be healthier and maintain a good weight rather than to diet and go back to my previous habits and gain it all back. That I can be proud of no matter how slowly I lose the weight. So as of today I have 33 pounds left to go until I reach my goal weight. At this rate I am looking at the beginning of February as my target time to have lost that much. I know I had originally said that Christmas was my goal but it seems too high a standard at this point so instead of stressing about not meeting it I am just going to scoot the date back a bit. I will try to get a photo of me this weekend sometime so that I can post my progress in photos as well.

Week 1 results
Week 2 results
Week 3 results
Week 4 results

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