Week 4 of Diet

Okay so I didn’t do as well as I had thought I would this week. I lost 2 pounds which brings my total weight loss to 12 pounds. My original goal had been 5 pounds a week. I set that goal after my first week. I had lost those first 5 pounds so easily that first week that I thought this would be simple. I knew that after a certain time it wouldn’t come off so easily, but i thought the first 15 pounds would just come right off. That hasn’t been the case. I got a little frustrated yesterday because I had remained the same weight for the four days. I am sticking to my diet and not straying. I make sure to exercise every day. Most days I walk outside if it isn’t raining. I try to walk at least 30 minutes at a minimum. If it is raining then I have been doing some weights and cardio inside. I think that first week blew me up a little and I felt like this would be so simple for the first month. It really hasn’t been and it is requiring more self control in week four than in week one. I think it’s because I don’t see results every day like before and so I am more tempted to just reach for something bad for me and say forget it. But I just keep reminding myself that 2 pounds a week is still a victory in it’s own way. It is still a weight loss and it will get me to my goal weight eventually. Maybe not in the insanely short amount of time that I had planned, but I will still get there if I just keep on going. And when I get there it will be well worth all of this effort. I want to be healthier and have more energy for my kids. They deserve that from me and I deserve that for myself. I am a bit worried about the week to come. I have a Thanksgiving dinner this Saturday at my mother in laws and another on Thanksgiving Day. My birthday is also coming up next week and my husband wants to take me out to eat. Lots of chances to fail this week but hopefully I can lose some. If nothing else then I just hope to not gain any back. That is my worst nightmare at this point. We shall see.

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Here is a picture of me back in August on vacation with my husband. I was at my max weight here. I will try to post before and after pictures as I go. Maybe every month.

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