Week 3 of Diet

So week 3 is ending and there is very little to report on. As I said previously, this week I ate 1000 non-protein calories a day. I found myself really wanting to indulge this week. It was harder to resist bad foods. Sunday was by far my worst day this week. My family had a dinner for all November birthdays. This included me and my grandmother made me a cheesecake. My FAVORITE dessert in the world. I did eat foods that are on my no no list like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and homemade biscuits. I did try load my plate with protein and green beans and then just a tiny amount of the potatoes and mac and cheese. I split the biscuit in 2 and shared with my daughter. So when it came time for dessert I cut a sliver that was much smaller than I would have done before the diet began. Then we had pictures made with the 4 kids and I was stressed. My husband suggested he take me out for dinner to relax me and end the day with the family on a much better note. He took me to a Mexican restaurant and here is where I utterly failed and making good choices. I could not resist the chips and bean dip. I ordered chicken flautitas with loads of sour cream. While I noticed that I felt full after eating just a little I still ate lots of fatty foods. My weight loss was not very significant for this week. I only lost 2 pounds which brings my total for 3 weeks up to 10 pounds. I feel a little bit discouraged, but I feel like these next 2 weeks I will see better results. For the next 2 weeks I go back to my 600 non-protein calories a day.

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