Week 2 of Diet

Week 2 is over of my diet. This week I only lost 3 pounds which brings my total weight loss to 8 pounds in 2 weeks. Not too shabby. I am getting the hang of choosing better options. I even tried going out for breakfast over the weekend had success finding something on the menu. I would normally indulge in a big stack of pancakes, but I chose some eggs, sausage and a slice of tomato instead. Breakfast packed with protein which is completly acceptable. I also found some whole wheat waffles and sugar free syrup at the grocery store. That helps for the mornings when I crave something sweet like a pastry. I am getting the hang of how to count my non protein calories as well so it is not taking me so long in the grocery store either. I can find what I need and count it up to see if it would be a good option or not. My go to snacks have become Fuji apples, Light n Fit yogurt, non fat cottage cheese, reduced fat string cheese, crisp veggies and for my chocolate cravings I have Russel Stover sugar free chocolates and candies. I am not struggling as much as I thought I might. I thought it would be so difficult to resist the sweets that have been a constant part of my life, but it isn’t. I am feeling a little better about myself. I feel a since of confidence in the fact that I can actually reach my goals. Week 3 is the week that I can now have 1000 non protein calories a day. Next week I go back to 600 non protein calories for 2 weeks. I will fill everyone in on how it all goes. Check back next Thursday for the update.

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